Introducing Titan JUXT Watch, Engineered by HP

Titan JUXT | ShaneWallCTO.comWe recently collaborated with one of the world’s largest watchmakers, Titan, to create the Titan JUXT. The watch provides connectivity while staying true to the core of timeless watchmaking – inspired by it’s classic design.

We designed it so its responsive and intuitive design keeps you on schedule, connected and in motion. A few of the key features include: incoming call, email, text and social media notifications, calendar and appointment reminders, and activity tracking and monitoring of fitness goals. My personal favorite is the haptic vibration patterns for each notification. Intuitive, unobtrusive notifications improve our everyday lives.

Over the past 25 years the Titan name has become synonymous with durability, dependability, and design. We were thrilled to partner with them to integrate our technology into their fashionable wearables.

It takes a team to create masterpieces like these, and I’m proud of the brilliant ideas, hard work, masterful execution and unwavering dedication from Sridhar Solur, Doug Warner and our entire team.

Stay tuned for more to come from Engineered by HP.

One comment

  • Its really great work. But in none of the Promotions (TV Ads, Newspaper Ads), the Engineered by HP is shown. Is it part of the deal?


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