Focusing on science and technology in America

Ensuring America’s science and technology leadership for generations to come

The President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) is a presidential-level advisory council of the Nation’s science and technology leaders from the private sector and academic communities who will provide advice about science, technology, and innovation on topics critical to the Nation’s security and economy, and the health and welfare of the American people. Among other areas, the Council will provide policy recommendations on strengthening American leadership in science and technology, building the Workforce of the Future, and supporting foundational research and development across the country.

Since World War II, our Nation’s greatest scientists and engineers have advised the Federal Government, guiding the United States through the nuclear age, the mission to the moon, and the transformations of the digital revolution.  Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and quantum information science are now on the horizon, and how we address their development will determine whether they give rise to new American industries or challenge American values. With American leadership facing fierce global competition, today more than ever our Nation is in need of new approaches for unleashing the creativity of our research enterprise and empowering private sector innovation to ensure American technological dominance.

I’m excited to announce I will be a part of the Council. I appreciate the opportunity to contribute our perspectives on important topics related to the future of science and technology.

To read the entire announcement, click here.

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